OQO, Inc. is the name of an American start-up company that has established in 2009 subnotebooks from its inception in 2000 until May. OQO is also the name for the product marketed by the company subnotebook, which underpins the entire product line. The handheld appeared previously in three revisions, with the names of the OQO model 01, OQO model 01 and OQO model 02 A at the 2009 CES advertised OQO model 02 did not progress beyond the prototype status.


Jory Bell and Jonathan Betts - LaCroix founded in 2000, the company OQO, along with four other sizes of computer technology, with the aim to revolutionize the computer industry by far the smallest full-fledged computer.

On 14 May 2009 OQO announced, not being able to continue the business; the last announced Model 02 is thus no longer reach the consumer market.

OQO model 01

It was for the launch in October 2004 to the smallest PC in the world. With 12.4 × 8.6 × 2.3 cm and 400 g weight he remembers externally to a PDA and fits into a palm. Technically speaking, however, he is a full-fledged PC with the following specifications:

OQO model 01

In September 2005, the OQO model 01 , the successor to the OQO model 01 was presented. The new model has made some improvements with the same dimensions and the same weight. These include:

  • 512 MB ​​RAM
  • 30 GB hard drive
  • USB 2.0
  • Built-in speaker
  • Improved stylus operation of the sliding screen
  • Available since 2006, with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

OQO model 02

On January 7, 2007, the company presented the OQO model 02, which includes numerous enhancements, these include the new VIA chipset, C7M processor and DDR2 RAM. The new model was initially available in three versions (good, better, best ) available, these differed both with the size of the hard drive, the RAM, and the speed of the CPU. The operating system is Windows Vista is also offered.

The equipment is continually adapted to the latest technical developments, solid state disks with up to 60GB capacity as well as modules for Edge or UMTS are now available when buying new. A module for WiMAX has also been presented.

The current model for the European market has the name OQO e2. It is available with and without a compatible to European mobile networks UMTS module.

Still at CES 2009 announced, based on the Intel Atom architecture version could no longer be produced in series

Limitations and drawbacks

To start, opinions were mixed. This was due to a series of small faults that won by their number in importance, but have been fixed with the model 01 for the most part. On the other hand it is today because the users do not even really know what they have to do with it.

The OQO computer should combine the following in it:

  • Mobile as a laptop
  • Handy as a PDA
  • The Power of a Desktop

Thus, you should only need this PC, which could save the synchronization of multiple systems. However, it was out of the question for many users in 2004 to exchange their fast desktop to a computer with a 1 GHz clock.

A selection of special accessories for the three OQO models is available.

Because of the early announced market appearance and often shifted dates of the OQO 01 was up for publication as vaporware ( product announcement that will probably never met). It was voted # 4 on the vaporware Hit List 2002 of the U.S. magazine Wired.