Osmose Productions

Osmose Productions is a French independent label.


The label was founded in 1991 by the 23 -year-old social worker Hervé Herbaut together with his then partner. The name of the label is to bring in line with the concept of osmosis expressed that the label is working in full harmony with the music. The first release of the label was Worship Him by the Swiss band Samael in an edition of 1,000 pieces. In the first years Herbaut worked full time as a social worker until he made ​​for the label main job six years after inception.

In 1993 Herbaut could the Finnish black metal band Impaled Nazarene bind to the label, which he describes as one of the milestones in the company's history. In early 2001 signed a distribution agreement SPV osmosis and, consequently, the complete catalog of the label in North America was available. Since the mid- 2000s, the label tries increase their access to well outside the Black Metal bands under contract.

2011 announced Osmose Productions to publish the LP version of the album The Voice of Steel or Голос Сталі Nokturnal Mortum Ukrainian NSBM-/Pagan-Metal-Band and 2012 re-release, the other releases on vinyl. According to the site storm gloss " made ​​it clear label head and founder Hervé Herbaut that cooperation with good black metal bands it is more important than any feelings of certain German Metal - Magazines ".


A selection of the bands that are or were in osmosis under contract: