59.02305626.861111Koordinaten: 59 ° 1 ' N, 26 ° 52 ' E

Paadenurme is a village (Estonian küla ) in the rural community Avinurme ( Avinurme vald ). It is located in Ida -Viru county (East Wierland ).

Description and History

Paadenurme has 19 inhabitants ( 2010). The village has a total area of nearly 2300 hectares. Of this 80 % is covered by forest. Through the town of Bach Avinurme oja flows.

Paadenurme was first witnessed at the end of the 18th century on the map of the Baltic German cartographer Ludwig August Mellin.

In order to place the conservation area extends Paadenurme ( Paadenurme looduskaitseala ), which is known for its stork colonies. The area of the reserve is 267 hectares.