PB is an abbreviation for:

  • Pacific Beach, a suburb of San Diego, known for its surfing scene
  • Packard Bell, a manufacturer of electronic products
  • Paintball, a team game
  • Palladium Books, a US-based role-playing game publisher
  • Paraíba, Brazil State
  • Parliamentary relations
  • Pastor Bonus, a law of the Holy See
  • Patrol boat, a lightly-armed patrol boat
  • PBair, former small international airline Thai
  • Pebe, a brand of toys from the GDR
  • Passenger station, a traffic and operating system of railways ( in Switzerland abbreviation )
  • Personal best time, the individual record a track and field athletes
  • Petabytes, the quadrillion times the unit byte
  • Scouts in the abbreviation of the name German scout groups
  • Phenobarbital, an antiepileptic
  • Pilatusbahn, a Swiss cog railway
  • Piranha Bytes, a German development studio for computer games
  • Playback, starting at Hifi amplifiers for a cassette recorder
  • Police observation, a tactic the police
  • Polybutadiene, a polymer, see butadiene rubber
  • Polybutene-1, a common polymer
  • Postbank
  • Power Builder, a development environment for creating client - server applications
  • Prison Break, an American TV series
  • Audit report by auditor
  • PunkBuster software on the prevention of cheats in online multiplayer computer games
  • PureBasic, a procedural programming

PB as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

  • Bulgaria: Plovdiv Oblast
  • Germany: Kreis Paderborn
  • Greece: Corinth ( reserved for future approvals)
  • UK: Preston
  • India: Punjab
  • Norway: Rjukan in Telemark province
  • Serbia: Priboj
  • Slovakia: Okres Považska Bystrica
  • Czech Republic: Příbram, German: Příbram ( discontinued)

Pb. stands for:

  • Publication

Pb is an abbreviation for:

  • Latin: plumbum ( n ), lead, a chemical element

Pb is an abbreviation for:

  • Picobarn, a unit of area, which is used only for specifying cross sections in atomic, nuclear and particle physics
  • Pro bono, Latin for " for the public good ", free advice and representation

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