Personal radio service

Citizens' band radio is a generic term for radio applications, which can be used without the need for proof or examination. This radio applications are not, such as the operation of radio, limited to closed user groups.

In contrast to the amateur service, only the operation of devices is allowed here with a specific certification, which must not be changed by the user. In addition, the power of the radio equipment and the type of use of frequencies ( channel spacing and bandwidth, modulation types ) are subject to strict limitations.

In Germany are currently the following five radio applications for the general enabled:

  • CB radio
  • Freenet
  • SRD (formerly also called Low Power Device or LPD )
  • PMR446
  • DMR446

The CB radio is also the transmission of digital data allowed on certain channels.

Other frequency ranges can be used for the transmission of data or control information, such as in radio thermometers, wireless headphones, Bluetooth or the radio control of models, central locking systems can be used. However, they are usually not associated with the citizens' band radio. (see ISM - Industrial, Scientific, and Medical band )

At the international amateur radio service each ( with an approved receiving device such as radio and radio receivers, scanners ) as so-called SWL (Short Wave Listener ) must listen. Transmission mode may be operated only by certified radio amateurs with an internationally unique call sign. Radio amateurs may build their own equipment and antennas.

Radio in motor vehicles

In Germany the operation of a transceiver system (operating radio, bad radio, amateur radio, citizens' band radio, cellular / mobile phone / car phone ) is only permitted in motor vehicles ( 1995 or later ), if a mounted according to the manufacturer's guidelines antenna with E-mark is present, otherwise by influencing the automotive electronics go out the general operating permit ( ABE).

The so-called cell phone ban (§ 23 1a Highway Code ) applies only to mobile phones, the use of radio equipment is not affected by the ban. So are affected by the ban neither the CB nor the private mobile radio (eg, waste disposal, power supply, etc. ), bad radio (eg police, fire, ambulance, etc.) and not the amateur radio service.

" Road Traffic Act § 23 (1a ) The driver is using a mobile or car phone prohibited if he keeps this takes up or the mobile phone or the earpiece of the car phone. This does not apply if the vehicle is stationary and is issued in motor vehicles the motor. "

Every man radio abroad

Frequency ranges for everyone radio applications are often only awarded in national or European uniform. Who wants to use its devices overseas, you should be informed beforehand whether you can also use for everyone - radio applications, the devices / frequencies there. Conversely, the same applies abroad ( on holiday, on the Internet) bought devices that are not approved in Germany in part and may not be operated. Information about the speed limits in Germany frequencies are obtained from the Federal Network Agency ( FNA ).