Peter Paul Brauer

Peter Paul Brauer ( born May 16, 1899 in Elberfeld, † April 28, 1959 in Berlin) was a German film producer and film director.

Brauer trained to become playwrights, theater director and actor, and was in these functions initially active in the theater. In the Netherlands, he came in 1928 with the film in contact. In the same year he returned to Germany and directed here in the following years, several short films.

After the seizure of power by the National Socialists in 1933 Brauer was production manager at UFA in March. After another short film he directed from 1938 full-length feature films, mostly comedies.

Between April 1939 and November 1940 was Brauer production chief of Terra. Beginning of 1940 was Brauer provided for the Director of the anti-Semitic film Jud Suss, then Minister of Propaganda Goebbels decided, however for Veit Harlan. In the 1940s he focused on directing and participated occasionally also co -wrote the screenplays. In the years from 1942 he worked for the Prague film.

The line faithful Brauer was regarded as an informer of Terra movie colleagues, including Heinz Riihmann and Alf pond, partly because of their contacts with Jews. Riihmann expressed in this connection: " The man's name was Brewer - you can write. "

Filmography ( as producer)