Peter Turrini

Peter Turrini ( born September 26, 1944 in St. Margaret 's Lavant Valley ) is an Austrian writer. He is known for his socially critical and, especially in his early works, provocative folk plays.


Peter Turrini is the son of Italian cabinetmaker Ernesto Turrini and the Styrian domestics Else Turrini, born Reßler. He grew up in Carinthia in Maria Saal. About the Tonhof the singer Maja Weis - Ostborn and composer Gerhard Lampersberg he came early in contact with representatives of the Viennese avant-garde. From 1963 to 1971 he worked in various jobs, including as Magazineur at Huber - shirt, as a copywriter for an American agency, as secretary Hotel in Bibione, as a laborer in Neuwied on the Rhine. 1967/68 he lived on Rhodes. Since 1971 he works as a freelance writer. His current residence is Kleinriedenthal at Retz. He writes plays, screenplays, poems, essays and speeches. His works have been translated into many languages ​​, and his plays are played worldwide.

Peter Turrini was Rozznjogd (1971 ), Sauschlachten (1972) and the television series Alpensaga ( 1974-1979 ) is known. He used in his first two works of dialect in the minority providers but an artful " high " language. Turrini participated in countless readings; so also frequently on the left word, an author reading with political accents, which was carried out during the annual People's Voice Festival. Together with Helmut Qualtinger and H. C. Artmann he made a multi-week reading tour at American universities. Peter Turrini is a member of Graz Writers meeting. Prior to the occupation of Hainburg wetlands Turrini 1984 was one of the participants of the press conference of the animals and entered as a " fire-bellied toad " on.

To date, there are thirty-six of his plays, three opera libretti, fifty-five book editions, fourteen filmed screenplays, radio plays and seventeen speech records and CDs.

Work Overview

Speech records and CDs.

Secondary literature

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Film portrait

  • Theatre Glow - The author Peter Turrini, ORF/3sat/Vis-à-vis film, 1999; Written & Directed by Heinz Trenczak


  • Gerhart- Hauptmann Prize 1981
  • Literature Prize of the Province of Styria 1999
  • Golden Romy 2001
  • Würth Prize for European Literature 2008
  • Johann Nestroy ring 2008, the town of Bad Ischl
  • Honorary Doctor of the University of Klagenfurt, 2010
  • Nestroy Theatre Award 2011 (Category: Lifetime Achievement )