Pett is a settlement and a municipality in the Rother District of East Sussex, England. The village is five miles ( eight kilometers ) northeast of Hastings on the edge to Pett Level, the unique, along the coast of Rye Bay extending cliffs.

The road through the village leads down to a second village in the municipality: Pett Level, which is on the coast and is known as Cliff End. Here's the beach and as the name suggests, the sandstone cliffs. Pett Level marks the end of the Royal Military Canal at the end of the main Seeverteidigungswall of 1940. The Anglo-Saxon coastal path runs through Pett Level.

The Church in Pett is dedicated to St. Mary and St. Peter. There is also a Methodist chapel, and a small church at Cliff End, which belongs to the Church of England


The estate of Pett belonged in succession a number of families before it came into the possession of the Duke of Liverpool.


In the town there is a place of special scientific interest. The Hastings cliffs run along the coast and are both biological and geological interest. The cliffs have many hidden fossils in itself and with the adjacent old forest and the pebble beach offers many animals shelter.