Philip of Hesse-Darmstadt

Philip of Hesse -Darmstadt ( born July 20, 1671 at Darmstadt; † August 11, 1736 in Vienna) was a prince of Hesse- Darmstadt, the imperial field marshal and governor of Mantua.


Philip was a son of the Landgrave Louis VI. of Hesse- Darmstadt (1630-1678) from his marriage to Elisabeth Dorothea of Saxe- Gotha -Altenburg (1640-1709), daughter of Ernst I of Saxe- Gotha -Altenburg.

Philip married on March 24, 1693 in Brussels Princess Marie Therese von Croy ( 1673-1714 ), daughter of Ferdinand François Joseph, Duke of Havré. On the occasion of his marriage he had converted to Catholicism under vigorous protest of his mother. Philip served in the imperial service in the War of Spanish Succession, was owner of cuirassiers and in 1708 field marshal and commander of the imperial troops in Naples. Since 1714 he was, on the mediation of the Prinz Eugen, Governor of the Duchy and the fortress of Mantua. There he appointed Kapellmeister Antonio Vivaldi.


From his marriage Philip had the following children:

  • Joseph (1699-1768), Bishop of Augsburg
  • Wilhelm Ludwig ( * 1704, † young)
  • Theodora (1706-1784)
  • Leopold (1708-1764), the imperial field marshal
  • Karl ( * / † 1710)