Pilar, Buenos Aires Province

- 34 455 - 58.916667Koordinaten: 34 ° 27 ' S, 58 ° 55 ' W

Pilar is the capital of the partidos (administrative district ) and is located in the province of Buenos Aires. The city has 226 517 inhabitants ( INDEC, 2001 ).

In the Treaty of Pilar Pilar was signed on 23 February 1820 with the basis for the Argentine federalism was created. Due to this event Pilar is now considered the "cradle of the state ". The treaty ended the war between the provinces of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe to Buenos Aires.

Pilar increased particularly in the last ten years rapidly. This was therefore a rapid economic development. The city is today an exclusive residential area in which many wealthy families own homes in a gated community. In addition, Pilar has 16 Polo Club, the unofficial capital of polo in Argentina.

Sons and daughters of the town