Pinball Dreams

Pinball Dreams was established in 1992 initially developed by Digital Illusions for the Amiga, was equal to the classic pinball simulations and founded the legendary reputation of its publisher 21st Century Entertainment. The huge success for its time of 650,000 copies sold, drew several sequels.

History of development

In addition to the Amiga version, there are reactions for PC, SNES, Atari Falcon030, Game Boy and Game Gear. On December 30, 2008, a port of the game for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touch was released. In October 2009 a version followed for PlayStation Portable via the PSN Store of PlayStation 3 Since mid-December 2009, this version can also be played directly as a mini-game on the PlayStation 3.

Game Design

The main difference and at the same time the most important innovation of Pinball Dreams Pinball compared to previous games was that not the entire table is displayed on the screen, but only about a third. This image section is scrolled vertically depending on the position of the cue ball. Even the sound design was praised by the critics, as the game's various sound effects and background music combines skillfully. Technically, the good sound was realized on a few disks with tracker modules, a concept that originated on the Amiga.

From real pinball machine of the present between the two paddles Pin ( " center post " ) was adopted, which helps to prevent a ball directly straight down can fall. On the other hand is missing in the typical on real pinball machines multiball feature in which so several balls are played simultaneously on the field, this was only realized in a direct successor Pinball Illusions.

Pinball Dreams contains four thematically different tables:

  • Ignition: Space theme
  • Steel Wheel: offers Wild West atmosphere including Banjo Music
  • Beat Box: waiting with music and chart themes
  • Nightmare: offers scary atmosphere in a cemetery

As technically and playful most successful implementation is still considered to the original Amiga version, which appeared on 2 disks.

Pinball series


Reviews of the Amiga version of Pinball Dreams:

  • The One Amiga: 4/92: 89 %
  • Amiga Action 4/92: 87 %
  • Amiga Power 4/92: 87 %
  • Amiga Computing 4/92: 86 %
  • Amiga Joker 3/92: 86 %
  • Amiga Format 4/92: 84 %
  • ASM 4/92: 9 of 12
  • Powerplay 4/92: 72 %