Polybotes (Greek Πολυβώτης ) is in Greek mythology, one of the giants, whose parents are the primordial goddess Gaia and Uranus.

Polybotes fought on the side of the giants that had been stirred up by her mother Gaia, against Zeus and the gods of Mount Olympus, to overthrow them in Tartarus. He is a frequently cited example of strength and martial arts. Nevertheless, the Giants lost. After this battle Polybotes of Poseidon was chased across the seas. In the Greek sea Poseidon with his trident should be discontinued a piece of the island of Kos, have thrown on Polybotes and those buried beneath it. Some myths tell of this nachgeschleuderten fragment of the island of Nisyros is created and Polybotes was buried under it, others say Polybotes was buried in Kos itself.