Tartaros ( AltGr: Τάρταρος, lat: Tartarus ) is in Greek mythology, a personalized part of the underworld, which is lower than hades. He is supposed to be so deep that an anvil, which fell down from earth to Tartarus, nine days needed to reach him; just as long as the anvil needed to go from heaven to earth.

Ancestry and descendants

According to the Theogony of Hesiod Tartarus was one of the first gods of chaos. His siblings are Gaia, Eros, Erebus and Nyx. According to Hyginus begat him Gaia with Aether.

Descendants of Tartarus with Gaia, according to Hesiod the Typhon, according to the Libraries of Typhon and Echidna Apollodorus and Hyginus by Typhon and the Giants. After Bacchylides he was the nemesis of the father of Telchines.


Tartarus is the place of punishment of the underworld. Sentenced to eternal torment in Tartarus were Tityus, Ixion, Ocnus that Danaids, Sisyphus and Tantalus, son of Zeus. In Plato's Phaedo throws " you give due skill " those in Tartarus, the " committed frequent and significant harvesting of the sanctuaries or done many unjust and lawless murders, or else what is the related ". You will never come up again therefrom.

Following the Tartarus the ancient Romans referred to the incident in Europe marauding Huns as Tatars, since they thought it came straight out of hell. The Mongols under Genghis Khan and his successors were later referred to as such.


In the Bible the term " Tartarus " is also used. In the original Greek it is a single time, in the second Epistle of Peter (2 Peter 2:4 EU ) proves. The scripture refers to the place in which the fallen angels, the demons were banished from YHWH and are trapped there until the judgment. At the same time seems to " Tartarus " to be a synonym for " abyss ". In Luke's Gospel ( Lk 8,31 EU), asks a demon named Legion Jesus Christ, not to send him to the " abyss ". Likewise, according to the Book of Revelation the dragon (or Satan) is bound for a thousand years in the abyss before it is released for a short time and then destroyed (Rev 20.3 EU).

The Septuagint uses the term in the book of Job - (Hi EU 40,20 ) and ( 41,31 Hi EU) - in terms of Behemoth, a monster of the Judeo -Christian mythology.

According to the apocryphal Book of Enoch, the angels go to Tartarus, who according to Genesis ( Gen 6 EU) united with women. There they are captured and waiting for their court.