Telchines are called in Greek mythology goblins. As a skilful blacksmith ( preparation of the trident for Poseidon, they have raised ), builder of the first images of the gods and inventor of useful things (eg the mill ) that they are on the one hand in the service of Hephaestus, on the other hand them the evil eye and magic are attributed, they use also of envy and malice. So they are able to influence the weather, to destroy the vegetation and to transform in shape.

According to Diodorus, the Telchines sons of Thalassa should be in Bacchylides they come either from Nemesis and Tartaros or of Gaia and Pontus.

Be located the Telchines who live on the land and in the water, Rhodes, Crete and Ceos, they are used as a kind of ( pre-Greek ) thought aborigines. Strabo reports that Rhodes had previously been called Telchinis " according to the island -dwelling Telchines which some declare Behexer and wizards, animals and plants in order to destroy it, sprinkled with the water of the Styx. Others on the contrary say they would have been envied as an excellent artist of the Art enemies and get into such slander. "

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lets in Classical Walpurgisnacht in Faust II as riding on hippocamps wrought by Neptune's Trident and worshipers of the moon goddess Luna occur.