Postbauer-Heng station

  • Nuremberg -Regensburg ( KBS 880, 890.3 )


The Station Post -Heng is a train station at kilometer 73.5 of the railway line between Nuremberg and Regensburg. The station is located in the east of the market town of Post -Heng in the district of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, at an altitude of 459 meters above sea level, near the main road 8

The station was opened together with the section of line between Nuremberg and Neumarkt on December 1, 1871, and is considered as a historic structure (D-3 -73- 155-27 ).


The station was until 1978 still post peasant, but was renamed due to the merger of the municipalities Post Bauer and Heng -Heng post. 1998 took place generous renovation work at the station: where is the station for the start of operations in December 2010, the S -Bahn was rebuilt from Nuremberg to Neumarkt and handicapped accessible. Among other things, the platforms were raised to a height of 76 centimeters to allow barrier-free access to the S -Bahn trains.

Transport links

Today the station of the S -Bahn line 3 of the Nuremberg S-Bahn is operated at 20 or at 40-minute intervals.

The station is in close proximity to the main road 8 The two park-and- ride sites, which are located next to the station building, equipped with 144 parking spaces. Here also are 140 covered bicycle parking spaces.

The bus stop post -Heng station is serviced by a bus of bus and coach transport francs ( OVF): Bus number 505 connects the railway station Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, the bus lines 505 and 506 and the center of Post -Heng, the neighboring community Pyrbaum and with Allersberg its train.

For the bus is valid as well for the web, the tariff system of the transport association Greater Nuremberg ( VGN ).


In today listed station building is currently the computer -Treff Netlife eV, the ticket sale was set in 1998. In addition, two local hiking trails begin at the station. The Eppelein pathway, which begins in Erlangen, ends here.