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Pyrbaum is a market in the Upper Palatinate district of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz.

The market Pyrbaum, known as the gateway to the Upper Palatinate, was the first municipality in Bavaria, which has brought about the completion of the municipal reform already on 1 October 1970. From Pyrbaum is often spoken as a community with the largest contiguous forest area in Bavaria.

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Geographical Location

The market is Pyrbaum than most western municipality of the district of the Upper Palatinate region southeast of the city of Nuremberg on a hill in a wooded area.


The district Neumühlestrasse is the westernmost point of the Upper Palatinate.

Community structure

The municipality has 14 Pyrbaum officially named districts:

  • Asbach
  • Birch Lach
  • Dennenlohe
  • Dürnhof
  • Münch mill
  • Neuhof
  • Neumühlestrasse
  • Oberhembach
  • Pruppach
  • Pyrbaum
  • Rengersricht
  • Schwarzach
  • Seligenporten
  • Strasbourg mill



On 1 October 1970, the formerly independent communities Oberhembach, Rengersricht and Seligenporten were incorporated.


Market council

The market council has 20 members. He has been working for the municipal election on 2 March 2008 as follows:

  • CSU 6 seats
  • SPD 4 seats
  • CDU 5 seats
  • Citizens' Initiative of family-friendly and livable market Pyrbaum (FBI) 1 seat
  • Free Christian voters Seligenporten - Rengersricht 3 seats
  • CDU Schwarzach 1 seat


On March 17, 2002 Guido Belzl (CDU ) was elected as the first mayor of the municipality and confirmed on 2 March 2008 with 95.38 % of the votes after no rival candidate was begun. His predecessor Hermann Holzammer (SPD ) held this office 25 years hold.

Coat of arms

Blazon: In a rooted cutting red green pear with golden fruit.

The coat of arms has been known since 1527.


A partnership exists with the Hungarian community Csákvár since 29 October 1988 and with the neighboring community Vértesboglár since 31 July 1991.

Culture and sights

In the district Seligenporten is the former Cistercian monastery Seligenporten

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  • Vivarium Faberhof


  • HSG Pyrbaum / Seligenporten: Handball (1981 and 1992 Bavarian Champion)
  • SV Seligenporten: Football (currently Regional Bavaria )
  • Archers 1876 Pyrbaum eV
  • Riding and Driving Club Seligenportener monastery rider eV

Regular events

  • Wolfsteiner hard
  • Pyrbaumer Christmas Market
  • Pyrbaumer Pentecostal church consecration
  • Pyrbaumer Fountain Festival
  • Ball of the market
  • Seligenportener cloister hard
  • Seligenportener fair
  • Seligenportener Starkbierfest
  • Seligenportener Oldtimertreffen
  • Seligenportener Blues in the village
  • Art in the village Oberhembach
  • Barbecue volunteer firefighters
  • Oven proof Schwarzach ( OGV )
  • Schwarzacher fair ( annually on the last weekend in September )


  • Pyrbaumer Spice Bread
  • Pyrbaumer Sau - weather - tea
  • Seligenportener monastery beer brewery Feihl
  • Schwarzacher Kirwaschnaps

Economy and infrastructure

The market Pyrbaum is characterized by the strong influence from the neighboring Greater Nuremberg -Fürth- Erlangen, where many Pyrbaumer citizens have their jobs. But even in Pyrbaum there are powerful operations, particularly in the metalworking, mechanical engineering, printing and adhesive technology, electrical engineering as well as in glass construction. In Pyrbaum are a primary school. A multi-purpose hall is the population for sporting, cultural and social events. In addition to numerous shopping venues are Pyrbaum two kindergartens, a library, a pharmacy as well as general dentistry and veterinary surgeons, in Seligenporten a kindergarten, a primary school and one more general, dental and veterinarian.


The market Pyrbaum is very well connected via county roads and state highway in 2402 at the supra-local transport network. At the junction Allersberg the motorway München -Nürnberg ( A9) it is from the district Seligenporten about 5 km to the junction of Highway Neumarkt Nuremberg -Regensburg (A3 ) it is of the districts Pyrbaum and Seligenporten each about 18 km. The distance to the main road 8 is 5 km. About the county road and state highway 17 NM 2225 can be reached in just 25 minutes from Nuremberg.

By 1973 had Pyrbaum, Rengersricht and Seligenporten stops at the since decommissioned and now degraded branch line Burgthann - Allersberg.


  • Bulletin of the market Pyrbaum

Public institutions

  • Gemeindebücherei Pyrbaum
  • Municipal Archives Pyrbaum

Sons and daughters of the town

Maximilian Krafft (1889-1972), mathematician