SV Seligenporten

The SV Seligenporten (nicknamed " The Klosterer ") is a sports club from Seligenporten, a district of the Upper Palatinate market town Pyrbaum. It was created in 1949 and operates (as of 2010) Sport in the following six sections (football, handball, Ju-Jitsu, horse riding, dancing and singing as well as a recreational sports department for women). The club colors are red and white. The football team of the club plays from the 2012/13 season in the Regionalliga Bayern.


The first football team in the men rose in the 2008 /09 season in the Bayern League and held at the end of the season the Class to " Relegation Crime " with three wins in a row. After a 3-0 in the semifinals of the Bavarian Association Cup against the second team of FC Augsburg and a 1-0 in the final against the Würzburg FV SV Seligenporten won the Bavarian Cup in July 2007. Due to the finals of the SV Seligenporten was qualified for the first round of the DFB Cup in the 2007/ 08 season, where he met the German Bundesliga Arminia Bielefeld and retired after a 0-2 defeat. Since then, a friendship between Arminia Bielefeld and the SV Seligenporten is maintained. The Supporters Club Arminia led them in the way. Again and again, fan groups visited both clubs mutually exclusive. So Arminia were on the 60th anniversary of the SV Seligenporten in 2009 welcome guests. Fans of the " Klosterer " turn had taken part in the Christmas 2008 Arminia Supporters Club.

As active players already ex-league player Roland Grahammer and ex-national player Thomas Helmer completed appearances for the SV Seligenporten.

Seligenportener Indoor Championships

Since 1992, the SV Seligenporten organized the Seligenportner Indoor Championships in the Pyrbaumer multi-purpose hall. The tournament has grown to become one of the largest indoor football tournaments for amateur teams in Northern Bavaria.

It started on December 26, 1992 17 teams. It was played at that time by the Helmut Kaiser Memorial Cup. In subsequent years, the number of participants of the teams rose continuously. In the eighth edition of the SVS- Hallenmasters already attracted over 30 teams. In the 12th edition 56 teams made ​​up the largest field of participants.

Hall Masters winner

  • TSV Greding (1992/ 93)
  • SV Seligenporten (1993 /94)
  • SC Feucht (1994 /95)
  • TSV Pyrbaum (1995 /96)
  • TSV Pyrbaum (1996/ 97)
  • TSV Pyrbaum (1997/ 98)
  • ASV Neumarkt (1998 /99)
  • FV Wendelstein (1999/ 00)
  • FV Wendelstein (2000/ 01)
  • SC Feucht ( 2001/ 02)
  • SG Quelle Fürth (2002/ 03)
  • SG Quelle Fürth (2003/ 04)
  • FC Karlovy Vary ( 2004/ 05)
  • Select City Coburg ( 2005/ 06)
  • SV Seligenporten (2006/ 07)
  • SpVgg Greuther Fürth II (2007/ 08)
  • ASV Neumarkt (2008/ 09)
  • City selection Roth (2009 /10)
  • SV Seligenporten (2010 /11)
  • SV Seligenporten (2011 /12)
  • DJK Ammerthalstrasse (2012 /13)


  • Bavarian Cup Winner 2007
  • Qualification for the DFB Cup final in 2007/ 08
  • Rise in the Bavarian League 2007/ 08
  • Qualification for the League Bavaria 2012/13
  • Bavarian champion in indoor soccer 2012

Well-known players and coaches