TSV 1860 Rosenheim

The TSV 1860 Rosenheim is a sports club from the Upper Bavarian town of Rosenheim.


The club was first established on 20 October 1860 as Turner Fire Department. In the year after the foundation was formed within the Turner Turner firefighters own community. Both organizations merged in 1862 to volunteer firefighters Turner Rosenheim. From 1873 to the firefighters and the Turner went their separate ways and the Turnverein Rosenheim was lifted out of the baptism.

To turn department came in 1919 added a football department that was autonomously as part of the Clean Lichen divorce under the name SSV Rosenheim. On November 18, 1933, the two clubs united again.

After the Second World War, the club was dissolved by the Allied Control Council Law of the military government. It was replaced in 1946 as a collection of all the sports clubs of the ASV Rosenheim Rosenheim. After had in the years to gradually re-established after the individual sports clubs, it came in March 1950 to the renaming of the ASV Rosenheim in Rosenheim 1860.


The football department of TSV 1860 Rosenheim since the early 1960s, one of the constant forces in the Upper Bavarian football. First time in 1960 reached the summit in the I. Reserves League Southern Bavaria, which was followed by the immediate descent. Since 1963, the club plays - except for a two-year interruption - in the dressing leagues of the Bavarian Football Association, including from 1976 to 1982 and then again in the seasons 1995/96 and 1997/ 98 in the Bavarian League. In the 2008 /09 Season 1860 Rosenheim was thus able to celebrate the national league championship and again the rise in the Bavarian League. In the season 2010/2011 TSV 1860 Rosenheim as the only Bavarian football team with the U-15, U -17, U - 19 and the first team is represented in the Bavarian League. The 2011/2012 season was completed with the first title win the men's team in the Bavarian League, bringing the club qualified for the newly created League Bavaria.

1999, the Bavarian club Toto Cup winners and was thus qualified for the main round of the DFB Pokal 1999/2000. There, the team was defeated by second division club FC St. Pauli 1-2. 2013 was the TSV 1860 Rosenheim by a 6-5 win on penalties against third division Wacker Burghausen in the local Jahn Stadium for the second time the Bavarian Toto Cup and thus reached the first round of the DFB - Cup 2013/14. There, the 1860 losing to the second division VfR Aalen 0-2.

The association conducts intensive youth and youth development which, inter alia the later DFB player Bastian Schweinsteiger and the Bundesliga player Thomas Broich, Florian Heller, Maximilian Nicu, Tobias Schweinsteiger, Peter Közle and Leonhard Haas emerged.

From the Athletics Department to go since the 1970s great talents out. The club has a prominent role in the Upper Bavarian Athletics. Best athlete in the history of the club was Günter Gobmeier. He was active in the 1970s and is still the third -time list of BLV than 1000 m. He holds the county records over 800m ( 1:48:71 / 1974), 1000m ( 2.20.5 / 1974) and 1500m ( 3.46.6 / 1975). Other successful athletes were the long jumper Richard Horner and Jörg Rössler, Jörg hit the sprinters, Ulrich Schreiber and Jonas Plass and the Senior World Champion Walter Schreiber. The general decline in membership in the area of ​​athletics also fell TSV 1860 Rosenheim victim. Thus, the Rosenheim have "Team Wendelstein " joined other clubs in the region to athletics community in order to remain competitive. 2007, applied a new running track at the stadium at the Jahn road.