Pownal (Vermont)

Bennington County


Pownal is a town in Bennington County in the U.S. state of Vermont. In 2010 there lived 3,527 inhabitants. The municipality is located in the border triangle Vermont Massachusetts New York and thus represents the most south-westerly town Vermont dar. flowing through the city of the Hoosic River. In the northeast of the Green Mountain National Forest adjoins.

The church today Pownal, was proclaimed on January 8, 1760 by New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth as part of the New Hampshire Grants and settled from 1862. However, the area had previously been brought under cultivation by 1824 some Dutch settler families in part and later proclaimed by the Governor of New York under the Hoosick patent for colonization. The 1862 taking place was settled primarily by settlers, who also had the second, as defined by New York lands on the same basic pay. The settlers came especially from the states of Rhode Iceland and New York.

Due to occasional Indian raids in the area was Wentworth build two forts in the area; individual flaps were reported but they are still up in the 1770s. A first church was in Pownal Center, the nucleus of the settlement, built in 1789.

Because of the wealth and fertility of the soil Pownal was already around 1790, the third largest in Bennington County and the fifth largest municipality in Vermont. She was tied up in the construction of the railway line Greenfield Troy with its own station and had thereby from 1875, after the completion of the Hoosac Tunnel, the longest tunnel in the U.S. outside of the Rocky Mountains, a direct connection to Boston and the Great Lakes. This gave the local economy a boost through expanded markets; become a tourist attraction, the community was never able to develop. The connection in Pownal continues to this day, but is only operated as a freight train since the mid- 1960s.

Pownal is Route 346 connected via the U.S. Highway 7 and Vermont to the American road network. The responsible hospital is found in Bennington; for all educational institutions, which go beyond the primary school, the institutions of other communities must be used. In the resort but four parishes are located: A Roman Catholic, a kongretionale, a Methodist and a congregation of Faith Christian Fellowship.

Nearby Cities

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  • Northeast: Dover 38.0 km
  • East: Stamford, 13.5 km
  • Southeast: North Adams, 13.5 km
  • South: Williamstown, 9.0 km
  • Southwest: West Sand Lake, 35.5 km
  • West: Waterford, 37.0 km
  • Northwest: Hoosick Falls, 16.0 km