Pra River (Russia)


Paintings of the Pra River from 1899

Location of the Pra ( Пра ) in the catchment area of the Oka

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The Pra (Russian Пра ) is a 167 km long left tributary of the Oka in the European part of Russia.


The Pra rises in Swjatojesee (Russian Озеро Святое, Ozero Swjatoje ) on the border of Moscow and Ryazan oblasts. She leaves the lake at its southwestern end and flows in a southwesterly direction along the boundary of the oblasts. After about 12 & nbspKilometern it turns off in a southerly direction and flows now in the field of Ryazan Oblast by the Meschtschora low level.

Here it flows through the Sokorewosee (Russian Озеро Сокорево, Ozero Sokorewo ) and the Martynowosee (Russian Озеро Мартыново, Ozero Martynowo ). The river now flows to the east and reached Spas- Klepiki. Here it turns south and now flows through partly dense coniferous forest. The river forms numerous oxbow lakes and receives many smaller streams that drain the swampy area.

At the village Deulino the Pra turns in an easterly direction. From now on, it flows in the area of the Oka Nature Reserve (Russian Окский заповедник, Okski Sapowednik ). After the confluence of the Kad she turns again to the south and flows through the wooded central Ryazan Oblast. East of Kidusowo she turns back to the east. Now meanders very strong and splits again and again in several branches. About 30 kilometers southwest of Kasimov they finally reached the Oka.

Hydrology and Tourism

The Pra has an average gradient of 0.141 m / km and between 20 and 25 meters wide. The river freezes in late November and stays under the ice until April. In the ice-free period, he is used by tourists from boat hikers.