Prentis Hancock

Prentis Hancock ( born May 14, 1942 in Glasgow ) is a Scottish actor.


Prentis Hancock grew up in Glasgow and studied architecture. He was also very physically gifted, played rugby and was a coach in fencing. But his main interest lay in playing plays. He attended the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. He soon got a variety of roles on stage and on television. Larger roles he had in The Last of the Mohicans ( 1971), Spy Trap (1972) and Colditz ( 1973). He has guest starred in the series The Protectors (1973) and Doctor Who (1973).

In 1975 he got the role of Paul Morrow in the series Moonbase Alpha 1 on the side of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. He played, with one exception, in all episodes of the first season with. With the filming of the episode The Infernal Machine, however, he had to be easy to remove a cyst that randomly discovered the makeup artist in him. For the second season, however, Hancock was no longer required because the producer Fred Freiberger felt his role as too boring.

After Moonbase Alpha 1 Prentis Hancock had some appearances in TV series, but the role of Paul Morrow was still his best known.

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