Martin Landau

James Martin Landau ( born June 20, 1928 in Brooklyn ) is an American actor.


Landau was the age of seventeen cartoonist and illustrator of the New York Daily News, for which he was a total for five years. At this time he also assisted Gus Edson at the comic strip The Gumps. Then Landau visited the Actors Studio by Lee Strasberg, where he became friends with fellow student James Dean. In the late 1950s, he first appeared in supporting roles in Hollywood on films.

In Germany it was mainly through his many years of work in the television series Mission: Impossible and you Moonbase Alpha 1 is known. These numerous guest roles came in popular series such as Bonanza or Gunsmoke. His greatest successes came in the last fifteen years, having appeared in films by Woody Allen and Tim Burton. In Burton's Ed Wood, he played the role of Bela Lugosi and was awarded an Oscar. He received further nominations for his roles in Tucker by Francis Ford Coppola and Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors. A total of three times he won the Golden Globe, five times he was a finalist for the Emmy.

In the television movie Max and Helen Landau Simon Wiesenthal portrayed. In the Bible filming The Bible - Joseph he figured Jacob, in the beginning he played Abraham.

In addition to his film roles, he was a regular guest role on the TV series Without a Trace.

Martin Landau was married from 1957 to 1993 to actress Barbara Bain, both in Mission: Impossible Make belonged in Moonbase Alpha 1 regular cast member. In this marriage he became the father of two daughters. Both are in the movie business - while Susan Landau Finch has worked as a producer, Juliet Landau chose the career of the actress.