Prime Minister of Mongolia

The Prime Minister of Mongolia is the highest member of the Cabinet of Mongolia, and thus head of government.

For Office

The Prime Minister is appointed by the State Great Khural - (parliament), and can be removed by a vote of no confidence again. Such is mandatory if either half of the ministers, or the Prime Minister to resign himself.

The Office of the Prime Minister in 1912, established shortly after the first declaration of independence of Mongolia from China, which was not recognized by many countries. At the time of the second ( and more effective ) Declaration of Independence in 1921, the executive of the Communist Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party ( MPRP ) was dominated. The party called shortly after the Mongolian People's Republic, and called the Office Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars to. From 1946 it was named Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Only in 1990 the term Prime Minister was reintroduced after the MPRP had abandoned their supremacy gradually. Despite the different names today Mongolian government sees the continuation of office since 1912 as given and considers all Government of that period as prime minister.

To the first incumbent, there is some disagreement. As part of a provisional government had named a llama Tseren (or Tserentschimed ) describes himself as Prime Minister before the first declaration of independence. The Mongolian government is but only the formally appointed Tögs - Otschiryn Namnansiiren as the first incumbent.

Another controversy centers around Tsengeltiin Dschigdschiddschaw, which should have been only executive prime minister. However, the Mongolian government sees it as a formal incumbent.


Leader of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party 1932-1990

These people practiced the actual executive power of the Mongolian People's Republic.

  • Peldschidiin Constricting on 2 July 1932-2. March 1936
  • Chorloogiin Choibalsan March 2, 1936-26. January 1952
  • Jumdschaagiin Tsedenbal: January 26th 1952-24. August 1984
  • Dschambyn Batmönch: August 24 1984-21. March 1990