Priobje (Russian Приобье ) is an urban-type settlement in the West Siberian autonomous district of the Khanty-Mansi / Ugra (Russia) with 7215 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The settlement is located in the West Siberian Plain about 250 kilometers north-west of the administrative center of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous circle, on the left bank of the Aljoschkinskaja, a left arm of the Ob. The main arm of the Ob runs about five kilometers west of Priobje, located on a hill in the middle of the flooded during spring high water flood plain of the stream.

Priobje belongs to Rajon Oktjabrskoje ( Oktyabrsky ); its administrative center, the settlement Oktjabrskoje is a good 20 kilometers south-west on the far -right Whether shore.


The village was founded in 1967 in connection with the construction of a railway from Ivdel in the northern Urals, which had been since 1943 the railway connection from Serov. The endpoint of the route was the left bank of the Ob, a few kilometers north of the settlement Sergino chosen where a river port should arise.

In 1969, the railway line was opened. The station was named Priobje (of Russian pri obi on Whether or this side of the Ob). The settlement lying at railway station and river port was first officially named after the original village Serginski, where in 1972 a Soviet village ( Town Hall) was; but also the name of the station Priobje it was used.

The importance of the place grew in particular with the emergence of almost 50 kilometers south town Nyagan and the start of oil production in this area in the 1980s, so that was awarded on 10 May 1988 under the present name of the status of an urban-type settlement.


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Economy and infrastructure

Priobje is mainly logistical center for the supply of crude oil and natural gas production areas in the western part of the autonomous districts of the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal -Nenets. With its river port, as the end point of the 379 km long railway line from Ivdel and winter starting point of an ice road on the whether it is more important Umladepunkt.

There are also companies in the construction industry and to entertain the cross the territory pipelines and smaller forestry and agricultural enterprises.

UTair operates a helicopter airport in Priobje.