Pyakupur River


Location of Pjakupur ( Пякупур ) in the catchment of Pur

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The 542 km long Pjakupur (Russian Пякупур ) is the left source of the river Pur in West Siberia (Russia, Asia).


The Pjakupur arises in the central part of the West Siberian Lowland, on the northern edge of the ridge Sibirskije uwaly north of the Ob - medium run, from the nearly 100 -kilometer headwaters Jangjagun ( Янгъягун, also Jankjagun ) from the left and Njutschawotyjacha ( Нючавотыяха, also Njudja - Wotyjacha ).

It flows along its entire length the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, in parts strongly meandering through the swampy, lake-rich and forested lowland in the east first, then northeasterly to northerly direction. Finally, it combines four kilometers below the town Tarko-Sale with Aiwassedapur to Pur.

Its main tributaries are Wyngapur (also Wengapur ) from the right and from the left Purpe.


The catchment area of ​​31,400 km ² comprises Pjakupur. The average discharge at the mouth at close Tarko-Sale 307 m³ / s. , With a minimum monthly average of 98 m³ / s in March and a maximum monthly average of 1122 m³ / s in June Near the confluence of the Pjakupur is about 250 meters wide and two meters deep. The flow rate is in this case 0.9 m / s

The river freezes from October to late May / early June.

Economy and infrastructure

The Pjakupur is navigable in the lower reaches to 85 kilometers.

In the catchment area of the Pjakupur are important oil and gas deposits, as Gubkinskoje, Wyngajachinskoje, Wyngapurowskoje, Sutorminskoje, Murawlenkowskoje ( at Muravlenko ) Komsomolskoje, Barsukowskoje, Nowopurpeiskoje and Umseiskoje. For this reason, originated on the middle and lower reaches of the river since the 1970s, a number of towns and larger settlements, including Chanymei, Purpe, Gubkinski and Tarko-Sale.

By the river valley run a railway and a road connect since the 1980s, the oil and gas producing areas in the north of Western Siberia over Surgut and Tyumen with the "outside world". These cross the river at Chanymei.