Pythagorion (Greek Πυθαγόρειο (n. sg. ) ) Is a small town on the south coast of the Greek island of Samos. From the middle of the 19th century was at that time called Tigani village on the ruins of the ancient city. In honor of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the town was renamed in 1955 in Pythagorion. The tourist center of the island, together with other settlements a city district ( Δημοτική Κοινότητα ) in the municipality of Pythagorion.


Pythagorion of Samos lies in the southeast of the Bay of Tigani ( Όρμος Τηγάνι ). Adjacent municipalities are Chora 3.5 km and Mytilinii about 3.5 kilometers to the northwest. The settlement of Nea Poli located 2 km west of the turnoff to the airport, 1.8 km east Karpovoulos and Poundes 2.2 km on the road to Samos.


Pythagorion, was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Samos, one of the most famous cities of antiquity. During the Ottoman rule, only one guard in place was stationed. The freedom fighters Lykourgos Logothetis 1824 was a castle built on the south end of town. Under the reign of Miltiades Aristarchus (1859-1866) began in the mid-19th century, the recolonization of the ancient ruins around the old harbor. The village was called Tigani ( Τηγάνι ).

The island of Samos in 1918 divided administratively after the union with Greece. Tigani has been recognized as a country church 1918 ( Kinotita Tiganiou Κοινότητα Τηγανίου ), renamed in 1955 in Pythagorion and raised 1989 municipality ( dimos ). By joining forces with ten existing since 1918 rural communities as a result of local government reform in 1997 became the Pythagorean administrative seat of the municipality of the same name. With the administrative reform of 2010, the municipalities of the island were merged to the municipality Samos. Pythgorio has since the status of a city district ( Dimotiki Kinotita Pythagoriou Δημοτική Κοινότητα Πυθαγορείου ) in the municipality of Pythagoriou ( Dimotiki Enotita Pythagoriou Δημοτική Ενότητα Πυθαγορείου ).

* including Limin Tiganiou 112 inhabitants, metohi Spilianis 4 residents and the monastery of Agia Triadas 36 residents


The commissioning of the airport in 1963 led to the change of the oriented on agricultural products industry for the development of tourism on Samos. She stopped the exodus from the island, Pythagorion since then evolved into the tourist center on the island.


The Samos airport is located about 2.5 kilometers west of the city.

The port of Samos is located on the highway a little more than 12 km in a north-easterly direction, to the port of Karlovasi the distance is nearly 37 km in a north-westerly direction. From the small ferry dock in Pythagorion exist in the summer months links to Fourni and the closer the Dodecanese Islands. At a short distance east of Pythagorion, a marina with 260 berths.

Public transport links serving the bus company KTEL Samou ( ΚΤΕΛ Σάμου ) several times a day with Samos and Karlovasi even in winter.


In the city and the surrounding area a few sights are besichten

  • Tunnel of Eupalinos
  • Ancient city wall
  • Roman baths
  • Glyfada Lake
  • Monastery with cave church of Moni Spilianis
  • Castle of Lykourgos Logothetis
  • Church of the Metamorphosis
  • Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion