PZL-130 Orlik

The PZL -130 Orlik (Polish for lesser spotted eagle ) is a propeller turbine -driven Polish trainer aircraft for beginners and advanced, which was developed in the early 1980s by Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze ( PZL ). PZL Warszawa Okecie Since 2001, one of EADS -CASA.


The development work on the PZL -130 were added in 1981. The production of four aircraft, a broken cell for static load tests and three prototypes for flight testing began in 1982. The first pattern copy with the registration SP -PCA launched on 12 October 1984 on the first flight. The first two pre-production aircraft were, however, only in February, 1988 in the air. The reason for this delay were delivery problems of the Soviet nine-cylinder engine Wedenejew M14Pm, which had an output of 330 hp. As a consequence, other engines were considered; it was built at a pre-series of proprietary Kalisz K8 -AA, but due to the low power values ​​did not prove itself. The use of a Pratt & Whitney - piston engine was not successful. After further engine tests the Polish Air Force issued in 1991 an order for 48 PZL- 130TB, which was equipped with the Czech Turboprop M601E. Delivery of the first Orliks ​​was 1992.

Other versions of the PZL -130 Orlik with Western engines were designed to attract export customers, which to this day but not succeeded. In the version of TC II PZL 130 is flown by the Polish aerobatic team "Team Orlik ".


  • PZL -130 Orlik: original pattern with Wedenejew M14Pm engine
  • PZL- 130T Turbo Orlik: equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A - 25P - Turbopropmotor
  • PZL- 130TM Orlik: equipped with M601E - Turbopropmotor
  • PZL- 130TB Orlik: equipped with M601T - Turbopropmotor
  • PZL- 130TC I Orlik: equipped with ejection seats from Martin- Baker and more modern avionics
  • PZL- 130TC II Orlik: equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A -25C - - Turbopropmotor and more modern avionics
  • PZL- 130TC III Orlik: equipped with a head-up display and more modern avionics