The PZL SW-4 Puszczyk ( " Tawny ") is a light single-engine multi-purpose helicopter of the Polish manufacturer PZL Świdnik turbine powered.


Swidnik began in 1981 with the development of a new four-to five-seater helicopter. The concept called for the installation of a 300 kW PZL Rzeszow - GTD -350 gas turbine; planned was a speed of 240 km / h with a range of 900 kilometers. 1985, definition of the SW -4 is started. A 1:1 mock-up was completed in 1987.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain revised Swidnik the model completely. In addition to the new drive, an Allison 250 - turbine, the helicopter received a streamlined fuselage and a modified tail.

The first prototype (serial number 600102 ) - even flightless trial - was introduced in December 1994 and used for ground tests. After a cell for fracture tests was ( SN: 600101 ) and two flight-worthy prototype ( SN: 600103 and 600104 ). The first flight of the fully painted in red 600103 was held on 26 October 1996. This machine received the aircraft registration mark SP -PSW. The flight tests in 1997 forced more changes on the rotor head, the stabilizers and the hydraulic system. The second completely painted in yellow flyable prototype was unveiled at the 1997 Paris Air Show. In October 1998 he received the registration SP -PSZ, but flew for the first time only in 2001. The aviation approval for the type was issued in 1999, the same time as the first five series machines were launched. The aviation approval according to JAR -27 on 14 November 2002. Besides the basic version with the Allison drive PZL Swidnik planning a second version with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW200 - drives that are to be manufactured at PZL. In addition, a twin-engine model is provided, as European regulations limit the use of single-engine helicopter under certain conditions. The SW -4 can be used in many ways, such as for business flights, ambulance service or police operations. Also in the Border Patrol or in the military pilot training is to be used the helicopter.

2002 the Polish Air Force ordered 47 machines that were delivered by 2010. The list price is $ 750,000.

Mid-2012, the manufacturer presented the prototype of an unmanned or manned flying optional version of the helicopter. This referred to as SW- 4 Solo RUAS / OPH 2013 version should fly unmanned for the first time.