The PZL SM-2 Universal is a Polish multi-purpose helicopter.

It originated in the late 1950s from the SM-1, a licensed version of the Soviet Mil Mi -1 and differed from this mainly through an altered, designed for four passengers cabin. The engine and three-bladed rotor were taken from the SM-1. The helicopter is made of a tubular steel frame and metallbeplankten the constructed semi-monocoque construction tail rotor carrier made ​​of duralumin. The blades consist of a steel tube spar with wooden ribs and are covered with plywood and covered with fabric. The three-legged chassis is rigid and has a large track width.

The first prototype took off on its maiden flight in 1959 and in 1960 presented to the public. A year later began the series production in Świdnik. Was used the SM -2 in the Polish Air Force for passenger and freight transport, as well as an ambulance helicopter. Already in the 1960s it was replaced by the also produced under license Mil Mi -2.

Some copies were exported to the CSSR.

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