Qena Governorate

Qena (Arabic محافظة قنا Muhafazat Qinā, DMG Muhafazat Qinā ) is a governorate in Egypt with 3,001,494 inhabitants and is located in Upper Egypt.

It is bordered to the north by the province Sauhadsch, on the east by the province al -Bahr al Red Sea, on the south by the Government al - Uqsur and to the west by the province al - New Valley. The eastern part of the province extends into the Arabian Desert. The administrative center is Qena ( Qena ).


  • Abu Tesht
  • Dendera
  • Deshna
  • El- Wakf
  • Farshout
  • Koptos ( Gebtu or Keft )
  • Nag Hammadi
  • Naqada ( Nubet or Ombo )
  • Qena ( Kaine )
  • Qu ( Gesa or Apollinopolis Parva )