Karak. Qon'rat ( Қоңрат )

Qongirot (Cyrillic Қўнғирот; karakalpakisch Qon'rat, Cyrillic Қоңрат; Russian Кунград Kungrad until 1969 Железнодорожный Schelesnodoroschny ) is a city in the belonging to Uzbekistan Karakalpakstan Autonomous Republic, located about 90 km northwest of the capital Nukus karakalpakischen to 60 m above sea level in the delta of the Amu Darya. Eight kilometers to the west begins the Ustyurt plateau. 1989 were counted in the city of about 29,810 inhabitants in the census, a calculation for 2009 are that there is the population of 63 589.

Qongirot is an independent city and also the capital of the eponymous district Qongirot, the location occupies almost half of its area in the western part of the Republic. The area ratio of the district Qongirot to Uzbekistan is 12%.

Qongirot has a railway station on the route from Turkmenabat in Turkmenistan to Bejneu in Kazakhstan and an airport ( ICAO code: UTNK ). During the construction of the railroad in the direction of Kazakhstan in the 1960s, Qongirot developed into a transportation hub.

The city is one of the oldest in Central Asia and was several times the capital of a kingdom in the Aral Sea area.