Quesnel River


Position of the Quesnel River in the catchment area of the Fraser River

Muli- trek on the Quesnel River in 1868

The Quesnel River is one of the larger tributaries of the Fraser River in the Cariboo Regional District of Central British Columbia.

He leaves the lake Quesnel Lake in the town of Likely and flows about 100 km north -westerly direction to its confluence with the Fraser at the city of Quesnel. The total length of the Quesnel River measured from the rear end of Quesnel Lake is 203 km. The inflow Mitchell River empties into the northeastern arm of Quesnel Lake.


Slightly below the effluent from the Quesnel Lake, at the confluence with the Cariboo River, lies the ghost town of Quesnel Forks historically significant, aka " the Forks ". Many routes to the gold mines of the Cariboo Gold Rush were north of Quesnel Forks in the catchment area of the Cottonwood River.

The river was by Jules -Maurice Quesnel, who explored the area in collaboration with Simon Fraser in the early years of the 19th century, named.