Quilmes people

The root of the Quilmes, who belonged to the Diaguita Calchaquíes, lived up to the colonization of the area by the Spaniards in northwestern Argentina, in the present provinces of Tucumán, Catamarca and Salta. In the 14th century it was subdued by the Inca, but the Quilmes took over from these also the advanced technology especially in architecture and agriculture.

During the 16th and 17th century, the Quilmes gave fierce resistance to the Spaniards, but ultimately prevailed. The fortification of Quilmes in the west of the present province of Tucumán remained as testimony to the bloody wars to this day and is one of the greatest archaeological attractions of Argentina.

After losing to the Spaniards the tribe was deported to the province of Buenos Aires, where the members were used as cheap labor and soon disappeared as a people because of the bad conditions. The city of Quilmes in Buenos Aires reminds her name to this genocide.