Quilmes is a city in the province of Buenos Aires in eastern Argentina. It has 230 810 inhabitants and is the capital of Quilmes Partido, which has a total of approximately 520,000 inhabitants (2001, INDEC ), and lies on the banks of the Río de la Plata. The city belongs to the metropolitan area of the City of Buenos Aires.

The city's name is reminiscent of the Indian tribe of the Quilmes, who originally lived in the northwest of the country, was deported here by the Spaniards in colonial times, and virtually extinct.

Until the 1980s, the city's seaside resort of the inhabitants of Buenos Aires was, but then prevented the serious pollution of the river further use as a holiday center. Today the city is mainly known for its beer brewery. The Quilmes brewery was founded in the late 19th century by German immigrants and is now the most commercially successful of Argentina.

Quilmes is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Quilmes.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Sergio Agüero ( * 1988), football player
  • Adrián Calello Daniel (* 1987), football player
  • Matías Cenci (born 1978 ), football player
  • Washington Cucurto (* 1973), writer
  • Ottavio Dazzan (born 1958 ), Argentine- Italian racing cyclist
  • José Ramos Delgado (1935-2010), football player and manager
  • Horacio Elizondo ( born 1963 ), referee in the Football World Cup 2006
  • William Henry Hudson (1841-1922), Argentine- British writer, naturalist and ornithologist
  • Sergio Gabriel Martínez ( born 1975 ), professional boxer
  • Fernando Miceli ( b. 1963 ), singer and composer
  • Diego Milito ( born 1979 ), football player
  • Gustavo Oberman ( born 1985 ), football player
  • Francisco Olazar (1885-1958), football player and coach
  • Oscar Pometti (* 1962), tango singer and guitarist
  • Emanuel Rivas ( b. 1983 ), football player
  • Fernando Tissone ( born 1986 ), football player


  • The football club Quilmes AC plays 2012/13 in the Argentine Primera División football league. Home games are played at the Estadio Centenario Dr. José Luis Meiszner.