Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona

Ramon Berenguer II of the flat head ( * 1053/54; † December 6, 1082 in La Perxa de l' Astor, Montnegre ) was Count of Barcelona from 1076.

Ramon Berenguer was a son of Ramon Berenguer I, Count of Barcelona, ​​whose third marriage with Almodis († 1071 ), daughter of Bernard I, Count of La Marche. After the death of his father, he followed in 1076 along with his twin brother Raymond Berengar II as Count of Barcelona.

Marriage and children

In 1078 he married Matilda, the daughter of Robert Guiscard ( 1015-1085 ) with her he had the following children:

  • Almodis of Barcelona (c. 1078, † 1140 )
  • Matilda of Barcelona
  • Ramon Berenguer III. (Barcelona)

After his death his widow married his second wife Aimery I ( † 1105), Viscount of Narbonne.