Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona

Ramon Berenguer III. the Great ( * 1082 in Rodez, † in Barcelona in 1131 ) was count of Barcelona, Girona and Osona (from 1082 together with Raimund Berengar II and from 1097 alone), Besalu, Cerdanya and Provence, in the Holy Roman Empire from 1112 total until his death in Barcelona 1131st

He was born in 1082 in Rodez, the son of Raymond Berengar II. He succeeded his father mitregierend along with his uncle Raymond Berengar II After his uncle had been forced into exile in 1097, he became the sole ruler.

During his rule Catalan interests were extended on both sides of the Pyrenees. By marriage or vassalage he built his empire almost all Catalan counties ( except those of Urgell and Peralada ). He took over the counties of Besalu (1111 ) and Cerdanya ( 1117 ) and by marrying Dulcia of Gevaudan, heiress of Provence (3 February 1112). His dominion extended to the east to Nice.

In alliance with the Count of Urgell, he conquered Barbastro and Balaguer. 1118 he conquered Tarragona and built it as the headquarters of the church in Catalonia again ( before the Catalans were ecclesiastically dependent on the archbishopric of Narbonne ). He also stated restore relations with the Italian maritime republics of Pisa and Genoa and took along with them in the years 1114 and 1115 in the Moorish pirate strongholds of Majorca and Ibiza. These were his tribute, and many Christian slaves there were rescued and released. Ramon Berenguer III. attacked with the help of Pisa also Muslim mainland colonies such as Valencia, Lleida and Tortosa.

At the end of his life Ramon was a Templar. He gave the Provence to his younger son Raimund Berengar I of Provence and his five Catalonian countries his older son Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona.

Ramon Berenguer marriages and descendants

  • First wife, María Rodríguez de Vivar ( † ca 1105), second daughter of El Cid María, ∞ Bernat III. , Count of Besalu († 1111)
  • Jimena. (Also: Eixemena, Ximena Barcelona ), ∞ Roger III, Count of Foix (House Comminges )
  • Almodis, ∞ Ponce de Cervera
  • Berenguela (or Berengaria ) Barcelona (* 1108/16; † Feb. 1149, Palencia ), ∞ Alfonso VII (Castile )
  • Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona ( * 1115, † 1162 )
  • Raimund Berengar I of Provence ( * ca 1115, † 1144 )
  • Bernat, died young
  • Graf ( Barcelona)
  • Graf ( Berga )
  • Graf ( Cerdanya )
  • Graf ( Provence)
  • House Barcelona
  • Born in 1082
  • Died in 1131
  • Man