The comarca of Osona lies in the province of Barcelona in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Spain). However, the three municipalities belong to the province of Girona ( Espinelvas, VIDRA and Viladrau ). The comarca has an area of ​​1260.1 km ² and 152 411 inhabitants (2009 ).


The comarca is located in the eastern part of Catalonia, west of the provincial capital of Girona. It is bordered on the north by the Comarca Ripollès, to the east by Garrotxa and Selva, in the south of Vallès Oriental, in the west of Bages and Berguedà. Together with the Comarcas Anoia, Bages, Berguedà and Solsonès forms the comarca of Osona the territory Comarques Centrals.

Osona located in the extreme east of the central Catalan depression. In the center of the comarca is the level Plana de Vic, surrounded by mountain ranges with peaks of 1000 m to 1500 m altitude. In the north these are the Serras (German mountain ranges ) de Bufadors, de Milany and de Santa Magdalena, in the east, the mountain ranges and Collsacabra les Guilleries and in the southeast it is the Montseny massif with the Natural Parc Natural del Montseny. In a number of loops, the middle reaches of the river Ter makes its way from north to south to the Vic plain, where it changes direction and flows to the east. The river feeds here two reservoirs, the Pantà de Sau and the Pantà de Susqueda. In the north- west rises near the congregation Alpens at an altitude of 900 m of the river Gavarresa and crosses the Western Comarca from north to south.

In the capital, Vic is a university, Universitat de Vic. The two largest cities are Vic with an area of ​​30.92 km ² and a population of 40,000 and Manlleu with more than 20,000 inhabitants and about 17.3 km ².

From Osona come, among others, the writers and poets such as Verdaguer, Emilio Weaver, Miquel Martí i Pol, Maria Angels Anglada.

Also notable are musicians and groups such as Pep Sala, Rafael Subirachs, Esquirol, sow or Quimi Portet. Other important personalities from Osona are Jaume Balmes, Ildefonso Cerdà, Antoni Pladevall and Pilarin Bayés.


Osona traffic is moderate relatively well developed. Through the Comarca lead the highways C-17 and C- 25 and the S -Bahn route R3 ( Barcelona - Ripoll ).

The national road C -17 is widened to four lanes between 2008 and Ripoll. The C-25 ( Eix Transversal ) leads from Cervera to Girona (connection to the highway).

In planning is a two-lane expansion of the S -Bahn route to Vic, as well as a new line of railway from Lleida to Girona ( Eix Transversal Ferroviari ).


In the Comarca is the livestock, especially the pig, is of great importance. In agriculture the needed feed are grown. Companies in the textile, food, leather and metal industries have settled in Osona.


(As of 2009)