ReStructuredText ( ReST short, reST or RST) is a simplified markup language ( markup ) with the aim to be particularly readable in plain text form. Furthermore reStructuredText should be easily convertible to other formats.

The reStructuredText parser is a component of Docutils, one developed in the Python programming language text processing library. Version 0.6 supports the conversion to ODT, man page, S5, XHTML, XML, and LaTeX. The latter enables a professional typesetting with export options to PostScript and PDF. The current version of Docutils is 0:10 ( 16 December 2012).

Comparable lightweight markup languages ​​such as Markdown, Textile and AsciiDoc.

Syntax Examples


Section ========= subsection -------------- Bulleted lists:

- First Point - Second point    - A subitem - Third Point

1) A point of a numbered list 2) Second ...     a) In point of a numbered list        i) One more level ... 3) The third point of the numbered list Named hyperlinks:

A set with a ` anonymous link to the Python site ` __. __ footnotes:

Here there is not much [# ] _. Look it easy times end of the page. .. [# ] Footnotes are automatically numbered. Read more in the reST Quick Reference Web Links

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