The Rila Mountains in Bulgaria

The Rila Mountains ( bulgar. Рила ) is a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria. The highest peak is Musala at a height of 2925 m. Rila is the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula.

The image of the Rila mountain is characterized by almost always snow-covered peaks, jagged rock formations, deep gorges and icy mountain lakes. In the mountains, there is also a variety of mineral springs. The hottest source (102 ° C ) is located in Sapareva Banya. Nestled in the forested mountain slopes is the Rila Monastery. On the southern edge of the mountains, the winter- sports centers Bansko and Razlog.

The species diversity in the mountains is great. One finds, inter alia, bear, wild boar, lynx, goats, deer, hawks and eagles.

In Rila there are more than 150 lakes at altitudes 2100-2500 m. The highest of which is on 2709 m at the foot of Musala. The Rila Mountains is the origin of the rivers Maritsa, Iskar and Mesta.

Look at Kostenez at the foot of Rila mountain

The Seven Lakes in the western part of Rila

In this valley lies the source of Mariza

The Rila Monastery

The road to Rila Monastery

Tourists on the way to the highest peak Musala

Maljowiza - popular with the Bulgarian climbers