Rip Slyme

Rip Slyme is a Japanese hip- hop group and to the west of one of the most prominent representatives of the so-called J- Hip- Hop. It consists of the four rappers Ryo -Z, Ilmari, Pes and Su and DJ Fumiya. Musically reflect influences of American rap music of the late 1970s and early 1980s and the American groups such as The Pharcyde, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys, DJ Premier and Leaders of the New School.


Rip Slyme was founded in 1994 by the two rappers Ryo Z and Ilmari. MC Pes, a schoolmate met, added later. The first place in a music competition allowed the group the production and publication of the first music album Lips Rhyme in 1995.

Appeared in 1998 with the participation of the two new members DJ Fumiya Su and the second music album, Talkin 'Cheap. The continued success led in 2000 eventually to a contract with Warner Music Japan. The first single on the major label bore the name Stepper 's Delight (first published March 22, 2001 ), a reference to the title of " Rapper's Delight " by the group The Sugar Hill Gang, which is regarded as one of the first rap tracks in music history.

In 2002 the group was awarded at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, prices for " Best Newcomer " and "Best Hip- Hop Group". In the same year the album "Tokyo Classic", Japan's first Hip Hop ( music) album with sales in the millions appeared. Sonically, inspired by the album on the radio James Brown.

2007, the group performed at the Live Earth concert in Kyoto. Another project this year was the collaboration with the Vaio notebook manufacturers. There was a single and a PV recorded with the name ING, which serve mainly for promotional purposes.

The album FUN FAIR was released on November 28, 2007 in Japan and shows a change in the musical style of the band toward electric.

In summer 2008 they released Taiyou to Bikini, their only single this year.

Rip Slyme released their eighth album, Journey, on 10 June 2009. Moreover, they have provided the ending theme for the Japanese dub of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The name

The " RIP " Rip Slyme in is a reference to the initials of the founding members Ryon Z, Ilmari and Pes. " Slyme " incorporation date was a popular children's toys. In addition, the group name is a pun on the phrase "lips ' rhyme " that also the name of the first published phonogram.




  • 2001: FIVE
  • 2003: TIME TO GO
  • 2006: EPOCH
  • 2007: FUNFAIR
  • 2009: JOURNEY
  • 2011: STAR
  • 2002: O.T.F. LIVE AT BUDOKAN ( Limited Release )
  • 2003: YAPPARIP
  • 2005:グッジョブ! (Good job! )
  • 2005:グッジョブ! Christmas Edition (Good job! Christmas Edition )
  • 2010: GOOD TIMES
  • 2010: BAD TMES
  • 2003: shortcuts!
  • 2005: ROUGH -CUT FIVE
  • 2007: Cut it Now
  • 2009: Quick Cut


MTV Video Music Awards Japan

  • 2002: Best Hip Hop Artist
  • Best New Artist
  • 2003: Video of the Year - Rakuen Baby,
  • Best Group Video - Rakuen Baby
  • Best Hip Hop Video - Funktastic
  • 2006: Best Collaboration Video - Hotei x Rip Slyme - Battle Funkastic ( Winner )
  • 2008: MTV Video Music Awards Japan - Best Hip Hop Video - ING


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