Robert Urquhart (actor)

Robert Urquhart ( born October 16, 1921 in Ullapool, Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, † March 21, 1995 in Edinburgh, Scotland) was a Scottish actor.

Robert Urquhart's career as an actor began in 1947, first on the stage. Five years later he played his first film role in the strip You're only young twice. From that time until well into the 80s, he worked regularly in British television and films, in between he was seen again on the stage. His last film he made in 1994, a year before his death.

Urquhart was particularly known for his roles in TV series such as The Avengers and melon ( 1965/68, with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg ), Paul Temple (1971, with Francis Matthews and Ros Drinkwater ), The Pathfinder (1972 ) or The Aweful Mr. Goodall (1974). He was married to actress Zena Walker, with whom he had a daughter. The marriage, however, was divorced.

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