Robinson R66

The Robinson R66 is a five-seat, single-engine helicopter of the U.S. company, Robinson Helicopter turbine powered.


Based on the Robinson R44 is in the R66 to a more advanced version with turbine drive and can five people, three of which carry on the rear seats. The development was announced in March 2007 and first presented on 24 February 2009 at its headquarters in flight. Approval by the U.S. Aviation Authority Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) took place on October 25, 2010. The first helicopter was delivered to the HeliStream, at the John Wayne Airport in Costa Mesa, California in November 2010. Just one year later, on 23 December 2011, it 100s machine was delivered to the National Airways Corporation on Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg. U.S. dollars to pay for, the delivery time is up to 16 months - In the standard equipment in 2011 were 810,000. According to the company, the company has already fixed some 380 pre-orders for this helicopter, of which more than 70 % are exported.

The approval by the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA was up to no further granted because this class helicopter with turbine drive should have two redundant hydraulic systems for flight control ( in accordance with CS -27). However, the R66 has only one hydraulic system without redundancy. The U.S. Aviation Agency FAA 's after the execution of two independent control systems for this helicopter type.


The R66 has a two -bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor, as landing gear skid landing gear is used. In contrast to the other of Robinson Helicopter prepared helicopters R66 is not driven by a piston engine, but by a turbine having less weight than those used in the Robinson R44 Lycoming engines. In spite of modern design and technology the R66 for the engine control uses no FADEC and flight instruments analog devices are used instead of a multi-function display. The seats come standard with leather, as landing lights are Xenon gas discharge lamps. The tank capacity was increased to 280 liters to compensate for the over the R44 higher consumption of 87 liters per hour.


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