Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hangzhou

The Archdiocese of Hangchow (Latin Archidioecesis Hamceuvensis ) is located in China Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church.


The area of the Archdiocese until the 1950s, a Vincentian mission. It was established on 10 May 1910 as Apostolic Vicariate of Ce - Kiam Occidentale, changed his name on December 3, 1924 Apostolic Vicariate of Hangchow, as which it was collected on April 11, 1946 Archdiocese and Metropolitan.


With an area of 34,000 km ² in 1950 it counted 27,003 Roman Catholics (0.4%) in 32 parishes with 30 diocesan priests, 32 religious priests and 120 nuns.


Diocese of Lishui, Diocese of Ningpo, Taichow diocese, diocese Yungkia