Roman Catholic Diocese of Lucena

The Diocese of Lucena (Latin: Dioecesis Lucenensis ) is a location in the Philippines Roman Catholic diocese based in Lucena City.


The Diocese of Lucena was born on March 28, 1950 by Pope Pius XII. with the Apostolic Constitution Quo aeternae built out of territory of the Diocese of Lipa and the Archdiocese of Manila, is a suffragan. On 20 June 1972, the Diocese of Lucena was the archbishopric Lipa is a suffragan. The Diocese of Lucena announced on April 25, 1977 from parts of its territory to the founding of the Diocese of Boac. A further transfer of territory took place on 9 April 1984 foundation of the diocese Gumaca.

The Diocese of Lucena comprises the central-western part of the province of Quezon.

Bishops of Lucena

  • Alfredo Maria Obviar y Aranda, 1959-1976
  • José Sánchez, 1976-1982, then Archbishop of Nueva Segovia,

Major churches

Pictures of Roman Catholic Diocese of Lucena