Ruby Cabernet

Ruby Cabernet is a red grape variety. It is a new variety from Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon. The crossing was made in 1936 by Harold Olmo at the University of California at Davis, and experienced a boom since the 1990s. In California (→ Viticulture in California ) they occupied in 2007, around 2,580 hectares, more stocks are available in Argentina, Australia (about 1,202 hectares in 2007) ), Chile and South Africa ( 2,469 acres, 2007). The global population is estimated at approximately 6,500 acres.

Breeding goal was to unite the heat tolerance of Carignan with the finesse of Cabernet Sauvignon and thus to develop a suitable for the hot regions of California variety for the production of similar bordeaux wines. The fruitful vine has proven in practice that it is also suitable for cooler areas. Qualitatively, the high expectations were disappointed, however, to the red wines of the variety. It is most often used as a blend, but also increasingly expanded varietal wine.

Synonyms: Rubi Cabernet, cabernet Roubi

Ethnicity: Carignan x Cabernet Sauvignon