Western flank above the Muttsee

Wind measurement station of the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davosbdep2

The Ruchi ( 3'107 m above sea level. M. ) is a mountain in the Glarus Alps between Linthal and Waltensburg / Vuorz in the cantons of Glarus and Graubünden in Switzerland. The name Ruchi called barren scree ( Swiss German: ruch = rough).


The Ruchi belongs to the House floor group, a subgroup of the Glarus Alps. It lies between the house floor ( 3'158 m above sea level. M. ) and the Kisten Pass ( 2,729 m above sea level. M. ). About the Summit, the cantonal border between Glarus and Grisons, as well as the municipal border between Glarus Süd and Waltensburg / Vuorz runs.

Among the neighboring peaks include the chli Ruchi, the House floor, the Piz Fluaz, the Muttenstock, the Nüschenstock, the Rüchi, the Scheidstöckli and Hintersulzhorn.

Valley is a Tierfehd, Pigniu, Andiast and Waltensburg / Vuorz. Frequent starting point is the Muttseehütte.


On the top of Ruchi thrives a sparse vegetation of lichens (eg Thamnolia vermicularis ), mosses and cushion plants.


The Ruchigipfel consists of a cap made of Verrucano Mürtschendecke of about 50 meters in thickness. The summit is a culmination of Mürtschendecke by the thrust limit the Glarus thrust falls to the north, east and south.

Wind station

On the top of Ruchi is a 160 wind stations of the inter-cantonal Measurement and Information System ( IMIS). The system is operated jointly by the Confederation, cantons, municipalities, the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF as well as other interest groups. The corresponding snow station is next to the Muttsee on 2'474 meters above sea level. M. The station measures wind every half hour wind speed (average and peak), wind direction, air temperature and relative humidity. The avalanche warning service and security officers throughout Switzerland are supplied with current information from remote and / or inaccessible areas. The data can be viewed on the website of the SLF.

Routes to the summit

From the southwest

  • Starting point: Tierfehd (803 m), Kalktrittli ( 1,860 m) or Muttseehütte ( 2,501 m)
  • Via: Hintersulzlücke ( 2'646 m)
  • Difficulty: EB, way not continuously visible
  • Time: 9 hours from Tierfehd, 5 ¼ by Kalktrittli or 2 ½ hours from the Muttseehütte
  • Note: Until Kalktrittli can be driven with the cable car of the power plants Linth Limmern.

From the North

  • Starting point: Linthal (662 m)
  • Via: Durnachtal awaits, Hintersulz
  • Difficulty: ZS
  • Time: 8 hours
  • Remark: Bad Rock, not rewarding
  • First ascent: A. Blumer, J. Hefti and R. Schmid, August 20, 1947

From the Northeast

  • Starting point: House Floor ( 3'158 m)
  • Via: chli Ruchi
  • Difficulty: WS
  • Time: 1 ½ hours
  • Note: z.T. secured with wire cables

From the South

  • Starting point: Muttenstock ( 3,089 m)
  • Via: South Ridge
  • Difficulty: ZS
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Notes: Painfully in very loose rock
  • First ascent: Gyer and Wortmann, August 10, 1901



Look to the house floor.

Looking for Toedi.

West view to Nüschenstock, Rüchi and Scheidstöckli.

Looking to the site Muttsee the power plants Linth Limmern AG.