Rudolf Simek

Rudolf Simek ( born February 21, 1954 in Eisenstadt ) is an Austrian philologist, Skandinavist and germanistischer medievalist.


From 1972 to 1976 studied Simek German literature, philosophy and Catholic theology; In 1976, he worked for a short time as a teacher at a secondary school, before his first high -school teacher took office at the University of Edinburgh, which he carried until 1979. Following the promotion in 1980 and the Master of Divinity in 1981 in Vienna, where he also completed his habilitation in 1990, Simek had until 1995 held the position as head of the technical library of the local Germanic Institute and worked in the period 1981 to 1989 as a lecturer. The teaching position he held until 1995. Between 1990 and 1995 Simek had simultaneously a professor of German literature at the Catholic University of the Holy Cross held.

Since 1995 he is professor and chair for the elderly German with inclusion of the Nordic at the University of Bonn. In 1999 he became Professor of Comparative Religion at the University of Tromsø, 2000 at the University of Sydney for Old Norse studies. These full professors numerous visiting professorships and lectureships come in European and non-European university educational institutions. He had at the universities of Reykjavik, Copenhagen, London, Oxford and Sydney longer research stays. From 2000 to 2003 Simek was Chairman of the International Saga society.

Simek researches and teaches to Germanic mythology and religions, the medieval languages ​​and cultures of Scandinavia, the Renaissance of the 12th century and its literature, to the religious, mystical and visionary texts of the Middle Ages, the vernacular scientific texts of the Middle Ages, with special focus on the natural sciences, too late medieval travel and autobiographical literature as well as literature in the geographic fringes of the ( today's ) German-speaking countries. Simek has numerous contributions to the Lexicon of Germanic Antiquity and the lexicon of the Middle Ages written. He is the editor of medieval studies series Studia Medievalia Septentrionalia.