Rudolph I of Burgundy

Rudolf I († October 25 912 ) was King of Upper Burgundy ( Transjurana ) of 888 to 912

Rudolf comes from the Burgundian branch of the Guelph and was the son of Count Conrad of Auxerre.

After the dismissal of the East Frankish king Charles the Fat was divided his kingdom, and on the floor of his Burgundian parts of the country to let Rudolf, who reigned for 872 here as Margrave of Transjuranien, 888 in Saint -Maurice- d'Agaune of the Great King of Burgundy proclamation, and was also recognized by Emperor Arnulf of Carinthia. He died after a peaceful reign.

That he founded Hochburgund included later Franche-Comté, Western Switzerland, Basel, Valais, Aosta and parts of Central Switzerland.

He married Willa of Burgundy, probably a daughter of Boso of Vienne, King of Lower Burgundy ( Cisjuranien ), with whom he had four children:

  • Rudolf II ( July 11 † 937) 912 King of Burgundy, 912/925 King of Italy, buried in Saint -Maurice, ∞ probably 922 Bertha of Swabia ( † after January 2 966 ) daughter of Burchard II, Duke of Swabia ( Burchard Inger )
  • Ludwig. 920/929 Count in the Thurgau, ∞ Edgifa, daughter of King Edward the Elder of England
  • Waldrada, ∞ between 921 and 17 July 923 Bonifacius duke and margrave of Spoleto ( † July / December 953 )
  • Judith, 929

Willa married 912 second husband, the Count Hugh of Vienne, the King of Lower Burgundy was 924 and 926 as Hugo I. King of Italy.