Roselle, latin Rusellae, is an ancient city on Ombrone in Tuscany, about 8 km northeast of Grosseto. Located below the hill town is today a district of Grosseto.


Rusellae, one of the twelve cities of the Etruscan Federal old, lay on a hill with two peaks, the higher of which 194 m above sea level. 294 BC the city was conquered by the Romans, 205 BC delivered Rusellae grain and timber for Scipio's fleet. Under Augustus was the Roman colony. Later it fell into decay and almost forgotten, however, was to the 12th century bishop 's seat. 1138 Roselle was abandoned.

Archaeological Park

In the Archaeological Park of Roselle can be seen, among other radicals of the following structures: Roman road, city walls ( cyclopean ), Roman amphitheater, forum, temple, basilica, Etruscan and Roman houses, baths and a cistern.