Saint- Calais is a town in France. It is located in the department of Sarthe and in the Pays de la Loire. Saint- Calais is the administrative center in the canton of Saint -Calais, an administrative unit in the district Mamers. In the municipality of 3357 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) on an area of ​​22.76 km ².


Saint- Calais is located 30 km west of Vendôme and 45 km east of Le Mans, at an altitude 87-163 meters.

Twin Cities

Between Saint - Calais ( and some communities in the area: Bessé -sur -Braye, Cogners, La Chapelle- Huon and Sainte- Cérotte ) exists since the summer of 1984 a friendship and partnership to the Lower Saxon Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf in Diepholz.


The Autoroute A11 ( E = 50) from Paris to Le Mans runs north at 28 km; Autoroute A28 ( E = 502) from Le Mans to Tours runs west in 33 km distance.


  • Former abbey church (14th -17th centuries )
  • Castle ruins